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Staff Spotlight: Anthony Lozama


Q: What is your background and more specifically, what accomplishments have led you to where you are now?  A: I was born and raised in the East New York section of Brooklyn, NY. My neighborhood and background definitely don’t scream “scientist.” East New York is sadly a poor and violent area, especially during the 80’s when I […]

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Staff Spotlight: Mike Vinton


Q: What is your background and more specifically, what accomplishments have led you to Intellectual Ventures Laboratory? A: My work at IV Lab is a culmination of the work I have been doing for the past 41 years. I went from building things as a little kid, to high school shop class, to eventually enrolling in […]

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Demystifying the HPLC


For many, the tools of a practicing scientist can often seem overly-technical and esoteric. Take for example the laser; costing upwards of a Ferrari and capable of cutting through solid steel or performing delicate eye surgery; this fairly ubiquitous scientific tool has fast become a fixture on our screens and in our imaginations. As a side effect however, it has attracted an outsized reputation. […]

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Milk Safety


Food safety and agriculture are issues that can limit the quality of life in the developing world. In Kenya, where much of the milk is not pasteurized and refrigeration is not common in rural areas, the spoilage of milk presents a problem for dairy farmers. Dairy farmers in Kenya often transport their milk for long […]

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Insectary Under Construction


Our insectary is expanding! The new insectary increases our available workspace and will allow us to expand our mosquito-rearing program and take on new projects. Inside the insectary, we raise species from both the Aedes and Anopheles mosquito genera, and use these mosquitoes in a variety of ways ranging from understanding how they reproduce and […]

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What the %$#@ is a Femtosecond Spectrometer…


If you’ve read the Femtochemistry post on this blog, you may be curious as to how a femtosecond laser works and what femtosecond spectroscopy has taught us. Femtosecond Laser: Let’s start with the laser, the proverbial hammer in any practicing femtochemist’s tool belt. The first question you might ask is why use a laser in the first […]

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Even if you don’t know the story or significance behind this simple animation, you have probably seen it before. The legend goes that during the 1870′s, English photographer Eadward Muybridge was commissioned by Leland Stanford, a former governor of California and horse enthusiast, to prove that in the course of a horse’s gallop there is a moment at which […]

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While investigating our Electronics Lab, it became clear that we have equipment and capabilities beyond the average electronics lab.  I was amazed to find that for any invention prototype in need of an electronics board, we have four different techniques, which can be utilized alone or in combination to create one or many: direct cutting […]

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What the @#$% is an Anechoic Chamber…


Contrary to popular belief, the quietest place on earth is not a Buddhist temple or the room after you tell a corny joke. It’s the anechoic chamber at Orfield Laboratories in South Minneapolis; trust me, it’s Guinness Book of World Records-certified (learn about Orfield’s backstory and its pioneering work here). In more precise terms, the chamber […]

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Gas Chromatography


Recently, our Chemistry Lab acquired several new pieces of equipment in order to bolster the abilities of the chemistry group. Included in our new acquisitions are a liquid chromatograph, a UV-VIS spectrometer, and a gas chromatograph coupled to a mass spectrometer. Each of these instruments plays an integral part in analytical chemistry, the branch of […]

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