Institute for Disease Modeling

We are pleased to announce that the Epidemiological Modeling (EMOD) group at Intellectual Ventures Laboratory has been renamed the Institute for Disease Modeling. Over the last six years, the EMOD group has grown from a small Lab project with a handful of researchers to a growing team, now numbering over three dozen researchers and software engineers that continues to expand. We have created a team that brings a multi-disciplinary approach with expertise in mathematical modeling, comprehensive data analysis techniques, statistical modeling, and immunology. The team’s initial disease modeling focused on malaria and has broadened to include polio, HIV and TB.

We are tremendously grateful to IV’s Global Good initiative for our financial support and to our external program and research partners in academia, national public health programs, and global health organizations including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, multiple universities and research groups, and a number of national programs throughout Africa. Our partners have provided fundamental and necessary expertise to move our joint efforts forward, they have provided an understanding of what problems they actually face to better focus innovation, and they are ultimately the ones who create real-world impact. These partnerships have helped to demonstrate the importance of data and the power of data-driven analyses upon the control and eradication of polio, malaria, HIV, TB and other diseases across the developing world.

The goal of renaming the group is to re-emphasize our long-term commitment to disease modeling and to emphasize the importance of our mission, while enhancing our ability to work with partners. The breadth of our mission, together with the positive impact our efforts have had upon global health programs, makes it appropriate to more clearly identify the group and its role. In addition, as a part of this transformation, we are establishing a post-doctoral and visiting scholar program within the Institute to further broaden our involvement in the global community and to provide additional channels for long-term intellectual diversity. It is an exciting time for the Institute of Disease Modeling and we look forward to opportunities to positively impact global health programs.

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