Q&A with Geoff Deane on SmartPlanet

Geoff Deane, the Vice President and General Manager of Intellectual Ventures Laboratory, was interviewed for a recent feature by Christie Nicholson for SmartPlanet. Ms. Nicholson is a freelance science journalist who hosts the podcasts “60-Second Mind” and “60-Second Science” for Scientific American. In the interview, Geoff discusses some of the most exciting IV Lab projects and spinouts including Kymeta’s metamaterials antenna and our anti-Malaria efforts. Woven throughout the interview are some very interesting perspectives on the difference between innovation and invention, as well as IV Lab’s approach to problem solving. An innovator is someone who goes beyond merely coming up with a solution (invention), they take steps to implement it and use it to positive effect. Think of it as the difference between solving a problem for the mental satisfaction and solving a problem for a purpose. Our goal at IV Lab is to invent with intent – to solve problems for purposes. This goes hand in hand with the belief that ideas themselves have tangible value. An idea represents potential material improvement in the world, increased productivity, or new scientific discoveries. It is exactly that type of innovation that IV Lab hopes to encourage.

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