New Approaches to Computers Will Solve Complex Issues

TerraPower’s university collaborations contribute meaningful progress to the design of the traveling wave reactor. We’ve been proactive about introducing future generations of nuclear engineers and scientists to new advanced reactor technology, but this work is appealing to young computer science students as well. In November, Craig Mundie, Microsoft’s chief research and strategy officer, visited four college campuses to talk with students about how new capabilities in computers will help solve the world’s complex issues. Mundie showcased the cutting-edge work taking place at Microsoft as well as some of TerraPower’s modeling work.

Mundie offered computer science students some insight into what the future of scientific research might look like. At the Intellectual Ventures Lab, we are shaping that vision.

The evolution of computing impacts our ability to solve some the most complex issues facing the world. TerraPower’s modeling software is one example. Used to develop the traveling-wave concept, this software, has cut the time required to complete high-fidelity nuclear engineering calculations by several orders of magnitude. These computational analyses have enabled TerraPower to design a practical traveling-wave reactor which provides a new basis for innovation in nuclear energy.

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