IV Lab’s Thermo-fluidics group is committed to creating innovative solutions in applied physics (transport phenomena, thermodynamics, vacuum physics, and fluidics engineering) through analysis, design, prototyping and experimentation. The Thermo-fluidics group has supported the research and development of many of IV’s projects including the Passive Vaccine Storage Device, Malaria Diagnostics, and others.

Team members have experience in areas ranging from chemical, mechanical, bio- and food engineering, MEMS, microfluidics, fusion research and aerospace engineering.  This multidisciplinary group places a strong emphasis on collaboration and incorporation of background research, mathematical analysis, modeling and hands on experimentation.

Thermo-fluidics capabilities include:

  • Expertise in modeling and analyzing governing physics, exploring technical performance space by hand calculations and/or numerical simulations
  • Deep expertise in 3-D multiphysics finite element modeling using “COMSOL Multiphysics”, with a primary focus on thermo-fluidics and transport phenomena and extensions into electromagnetics and structural mechanics
  • Thermal testing
  • High vacuum physics research and device testing


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