Metamaterials Commercialization Center

Intellectual Ventures has the world’s leading portfolio of metamaterials intellectual property, thanks in part to work with pioneers in the field. After almost a decade of development in this area, including two-years of technical development inside IV Lab, IV launched a spin-out company – Kymeta Corporation – to commercialize the metamaterials satellite antenna.

Following this landmark demonstration of metamaterials as a disruptive technology for use in Satellite communication, the Invention Science Fund (ISF) of IV founded the Metamaterials Commercialization Center (MCC). MCC will take the lead in the creation of metamaterials-related technology, including idea-generation, application-scoping, proof-of-concept demonstrations, technical-risk-reduction projects, and applied research programs.  The MCC core purpose is to inspire, enable, and accelerate the commercialization of metamaterials technologies in new application areas.  Once developed, these inventions may be licensed to existing entities, or spun-out as start-up companies as Kymeta was.

MCC, under guidance from ISF’s business development and management team, works within and alongside IV Lab to research metamaterials and build targeted technology demonstrators.  MCC is actively pursuing opportunities in communications, collision avoidance, radar, security, electronics, medical devices, and more.

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