About the Intellectual Ventures Lab

Intellectual Ventures Laboratory focuses its research on the very beginning stages of invention, validating the concept and refining the technology to demonstrate its potential for commercial or humanitarian use. We believe our unique approach, incredible people, and the lessons we’re learning along the way will position our inventors, scientists, and engineers to be the sparks that ignite tomorrow’s progress.

We believe in the power of independent thinking and unconventional approaches to problems. At the core of our success is a team of more than 150 onsite staff, including 40 PhDs, united by a sense of scientific fearlessness. Our multidisciplinary approach draws on staff expertise including computational modeling, electrical and mechanical engineering, software development, network security, chemistry, microbiology, microscopy, materials science, nanotechnology, physics, thermodynamics, medical devices and aerospace engineering.

Our 54,000 square feet of workspace includes dedicated photonics, nanotechnology, electronics, environmental testing, metallurgical analysis, chemistry, and biology labs as well as a state-of-the-art machine shop and mosquito insectary. A nearby 23,000 square-foot warehouse stores another 4,000+ pieces of equipment that rotate through the Lab. Whether it’s an atomic-force microscope, a supercomputing cluster or a five-axis computer-controlled mill, we provide our team with the tools they need to push the bounds of science and the imagination.


Danger Competitions
When we need to take a break from pushing the boundaries of science and engineering, we spend our time competing in “Danger” Competitions. Our first Danger Competitions grew out of the need to increase interest and participation in our safety meetings and to create team-building exercises to challenge the science-minded.

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