Applied Biology and Chemistry

The Applied Biology and Chemistry Group provides expertise in the fields of chemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology, microbiology, and entomology.

Electronics & Software

The Electronics and Software Group provides expertise in the areas of design engineering, prototype electronic circuits, embedded real-time software, electro-optics systems, sensor data acquisition, and test support.

Food Science

Between our traditional chemistry lab and our “food” chemistry lab, we can identify and measure almost any essential food property.

Instrument Shop

The Instrument Shop offers a broad range of equipment and in-depth knowledge for prototyping inventions.

Medical Devices and Mechanical Systems

The Medical Devices and Mechanical Systems team works side-by-side on all projects requiring medical or mechanical engineering expertise.

Mosquito Rearing

Inside our insectary we raise species from both the Aedes and Anopheles mosquito genera.


The Physics Group leverages a combination of world-class tools and diverse optical expertise.

Product Development

IV Lab’s Product Development Group focuses on late stage projects with the goal of transforming relatively mature technologies into commercial products.


The Thermo-fluidics group is committed to creating innovative solutions in applied physics (transport phenomena, thermodynamics, vacuum physics, and fluidics engineering) through analysis, design, prototyping and experimentation.

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