Electronics and Software

At IV Lab, it takes a state-of-the-art electronics lab staffed by expert electrical engineers and technicians from the Electronics and Software Group (ESG) to enable innovative development in technology, engineering, and science. Nearly every project at IV Lab involves ESG support in the areas of design engineering, prototype circuits, embedded software, sensor data acquisition, or test support. ESG has supported the research and development for many of IV’s projects including Malaria Diagnostics, Passive Vaccine Storage Device, Photonic Fence, and Metamaterials Surface Antenna Technology.

A broad range of technologies are supported by the ESG group, including analog/digital circuits, FPGA designs, embedded real-time software, RF, microwave, millimeter wave, electro-optics, optical fibers, and lasers. The Electronics Lab houses several workspaces, a dark room for photolithography, a wide selection of test equipment, specialized optical metrology tools, a suite of high-end software-based design and analysis tools, and various prototype fabrication tools.

Resources for engineering include:

  • Performance characterization of electrical and optical materials, components, and devices.
  • Quick-turnaround professional circuit design, PWB layout, and performance modeling for analog, digital, RF and microwave.
  • System engineering and performance analysis, software simulation models, and Monte-Carlo simulations.
  • Custom embedded software (digital signal processing, data/image processing, data/ interface protocols, control systems, and remote monitoring) applications.

The Electronics Lab is also home to sophisticated and specialized equipment not usually found in other labs including:

  • Precision optical metrology equipment: Nikon V12 Optical Profilometer, Wyko Laser Interferometric Profilometer and Bruker Atomic Force Microscope, optical spectrum analyzer, and an integrating sphere.
  • Electro-optics: Optical table/equipment, precision lasers, and fiber optic assembly (light source, splicing, high precision fiber fusing and cleaving).
  • Software-based tools: Altium Designer (schematic capture, PWB layout), Solidworks (mechanical CAD), Xlinix FPGA ISE (synthesis, place & route, timing analysis, verification), LabView (data acquisition), and MatLab/Simulink (system engineering performance simulations).
  • RF/microwave/millimeter wave: Vector network analyzer (up to 40 GHz), spectrum analyzers, signal generators (up to 12 GHz), modulation domain analyzer, and RF anechoic chamber.
  • Special Purpose Equipment: Valhalla Digital Micro-ohmmeter, Walker Fluxgate Magnetometer, frequency/time interval analyzers, Datron Auto Calibration Standard, and low-distortion waveform/pulse generators (up to 310 MHz).
  • Process tools: Photolithography darkroom, Edwards vacuum metallization machine, Laurell spin coating machine, Sycopel precision potentiostat/galvostat and LPKF PCB router.

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