Applied Biology and Chemistry

The Applied Biology and Chemistry Group at IV Lab is comprised of experienced biologists and chemists with two major responsibilities:

  • Provide subject matter expertise in the fields of chemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology, microbiology, and entomology to help solve problems for on-going projects
  • Develop proof-of-concept novel platform technologies to solve problems of high importance to IV Lab stakeholders such as Global Good.

To meet these responsibilities, the group maintains a pair of active wet laboratories with extensive set of chemical and biological tools, including:

  • A chemistry suite for custom synthesis and modification of both organic and inorganic compounds
  • GC-MS and HPLC to identify and quantify mixture components
  • Spectrophotometers for various types of chemical and biochemical assays
  • DNA manipulation and characterization tools including PCR, gel electrophoresis,  and hybridization chambers
  • Microbe manipulation and handling tools including autoclaves, microscopes, incubators, shakers, and centrifuges
  • Protein purification and characterization tools such as FPLC and gel electrophoresis
  • High throughput screening tools for protein and strain engineering

The group also maintains an on-site insectary that houses multiple mosquito strains used in vector disease control projects at IV Lab.

With these tools, the Applied Biology and Chemistry Group is well-poised to execute molecular level manipulations of both living and synthetic matter, measure the behavior and physical properties of both the systems and the products, and generate novel uses for the derived information.

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