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Staff Spotlight: Mike Vinton


Q: What is your background and more specifically, what accomplishments have led you to Intellectual Ventures Laboratory? A: My work at IV Lab is a culmination of the work I have been doing for the past 41 years. I went from building things as a little kid, to high school shop class, to eventually enrolling in […]

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Example of Angular Coefficient Method for Vacuum System Design


One aspect of modeling the inner workings of the Passive Vaccine Storage Device (PVSD) being undertaken by the Lab’s Thermo-Fluidics group involves measuring the “gettering” rate of a specialized mixture of chemicals. A getter, when placed inside the PVSD, acts as a chemical pump that reduces the vacuum space pressure, thereby improving its insulative ability. To […]

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A Story of Invention: the Passive Vaccine Storage Device


During the infancy of IV Lab, we were asked to investigate a challenging problem of great importance—to develop a method to radically change the ability of medical personnel in developing nations to deliver functional vaccines to children in rural areas. Diseases like polio have been eradicated in many countries through vaccination; however, they are still […]

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From TED to China: Invention is a Journey

P6 Prototype and Vaccine Stacks

It’s often said that necessity is the mother of invention, so it makes sense then that great inventions are often born from challenging problems of significant importance. In 2008, Bill Gates came to us with exactly such a problem. Despite breakthroughs in vaccine funding, research and manufacturing, these life-saving tools simply weren’t getting to enough […]

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New Environmental Chamber

cold chain-envirochamber-web

IV Lab recently built an environmental chamber to do in-house hold time testing for the Passive Vaccine Storage device. The primary reason for the new chamber is to simulate use over 35+ days in a Sub-Saharan African climate, while allowing access to the internally stored vaccines twice each day.  In fact, our environmental chamber replicates […]

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Vaccine Wastage


One of the topics Intellectual Ventures Lab scientists are researching are ways to impact vaccine wastage in vaccination programs throughout the globe. High vaccine wastage takes a toll on the vaccination system, it can lead to vaccine shortages that lead to unvaccinated children and the money spent on unused or destroyed vaccine doses could be […]

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The TED Talk

For those of us who were unable to attend the TED conference back in February (my couch cushions just couldn’t quite turn up the $6,000 price of admission), we are in luck! Today, Nathan Myhrvold’s talk was released for the world to see. Check out our founder highlighting several of our malaria projects, along with […]

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