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Insectary Under Construction


Our insectary is expanding! The new insectary increases our available workspace and will allow us to expand our mosquito-rearing program and take on new projects. Inside the insectary, we raise species from both the Aedes and Anopheles mosquito genera, and use these mosquitoes in a variety of ways ranging from understanding how they reproduce and […]

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Did you know that the itching and raised red spot caused by a mosquito bite are actually an allergic reaction to the mosquito’s saliva? Mosquitoes are well known for their itchy bites, nearly pervasive presence, and the constant hum of their buzzing wings; yet many people are unaware that mosquitoes are vectors, or carriers, of […]

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Egg Bleaching

Yuck, my brood of dipteran eggs is filthy. If I don’t do something fast, my unborn larvae may never live to see their third instar. Fortunately Emma’s here to save the day! She gives a how-to on cleaning mosquito eggs in order to improve their life expectancy in the insectary. This was actually a deleted […]

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The Mosquito Insectary

If you have followed us for long, you’ve probably heard of our facility’s supercomputer and laser systems. However, the first thing I like to reveal when telling people about the lab is the mosquito insectary. Not only is it slightly bizarre having colonies of pests nurtured and bred mere feet away from where I work […]

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