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A Story of Invention: the Passive Vaccine Storage Device


During the infancy of IV Lab, we were asked to investigate a challenging problem of great importance—to develop a method to radically change the ability of medical personnel in developing nations to deliver functional vaccines to children in rural areas. Diseases like polio have been eradicated in many countries through vaccination; however, they are still […]

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Kludge Engineering

We completed a quick proof of concept: The photonic fence project has been using an expensive lens and large area photodiode in order to detect wing beat frequency. We knew on paper that this could be replaced cheaply, however, it seemed worth while to do some quick validation. I ordered some $3 fresnel lenses from […]

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Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Pump

The MHD pump has two associated questions: Why and How. Why have this pump? Read on. Zihong Guo built this magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) pump to prototype a possible cooling mechanism for the TerraPower nuclear reactor. Almost all nuclear reactors in use today use water as a coolant, but one thing that makes the TerraPower design special […]

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Dancing Asian Citrus Psyllids

Intellectual Ventures Laboratory has conducted baseline tests of Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP) on site at the USDA-ARS facility in Weslaco, TX. The goal of these tests was to validate the optical tracking, wing beat detection, and photonic exposure efficacy of Intellectual Venture’s Photonic Fence Technologies (PFT). Our initial work shows that it may be possible […]

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Inventive Fundraising

Some call it the season of giving, and we’re not about to say otherwise. There are plenty of people in the Seattle area who are struggling to get by and the Lab wanted to pitch in a little during the holidays. There is a great local nonprofit called Hopelink that has been doing exactly this […]

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PIV of Splashing Droplets

Particle image velocimetry (PIV) is a process of suspending tiny tracer particles in the air and illuminating them with a laser sheet plane. The process is used to visualize and measure the movement of fluids. In this case the fluid is air, which is being displaced and agitated by water. Notice the airflow in the […]

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Getting Ready for TED

You can image that preparing a TED talk is no small task. However, a demonstration as ambitious and technical as shooting mosquitoes with lasers proved to be quite a feat. Between enhancing and cleaning up the software, assembling and mounting all the components, and just making sure everything looked nice and polished, we had a […]

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High Speed Videography of Mosquitoes

These high speed photographic images of mosquitoes were captured by Intellectual Ventures Laboratory scientists using a Vision Research Phantom V12.1, shooting at up to 6,000 frames per second. [read more about IV's malaria research] Understanding Mosquito Flight: Intellectual Ventures researchers study flight dynamics of mosquitoes to look for novel ways to attack them. This video […]

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Happy Halloween from the Lab

We decided to play around with our phantom V12 highspeed camera while testing subfreezing ballistic carving methodologies. This poor pumpkin was dropped from a 20′ person lift, after being soaked in liquid NO2 for half an hour.. one very chilly pumpkin. As the video shows, not just the skin of the pumpkin was frozen. The […]

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Phantom High-Speed Video of Water Droplets

This high-speed video, taken by Nathan Pegram with our Phantom V12.1 video camera, shows the motion of tiny water droplets illuminated by a green laser. By looking at consecutive stills, one can draw vector fields for the motion of each droplet. (Check out the latest Mosquito Videography Status Update for an image of one vector […]

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