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IDM’s Philip Eckhoff on KUOW


Philip Eckhoff, Principle Investigator of Intellectual Ventures’ Institute for Disease Modeling, recently spoke with KUOW’s Ross Reynolds about using computer models to fight infectious diseases. Learn more about Philip’s personal experience with malaria, and how his team of researchers, software developers, and scientists is working to eradicate diseases across the world on KUOW’s The Record.

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Institute for Disease Modeling Publishes Paper in BMC Systems Biology Journal

Figure 1 from paper; this diagram describes how the HIV Model is set up.

The Institute for Disease Modeling‘s HIV within-host modeling effort, led by Anna Bershteyn, recently published a paper in the open access, peer-reviewed journal BMC Systems Biology.  The paper — A Model of HIV Drug Resistance Driven by Heterogeneities in Host Immunity and Adherence Patterns — explores methods of implementing host heterogeneities and their long-term effects on […]

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Institute for Disease Modeling Publishes Paper in Journal of the Royal Society Interface

Comparison of age-mixing patterns used for model input, realized as model output, and occurring during transmission of HIV.

Recently, the Institute for Disease Modeling published a paper in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface. The paper — Age-dependent Partnering and the HIV Transmission Chain: a Microsimuation Analysis — describes the structure and parameters of EMOD-HIV, a detailed population model that represents the epidemic with sufficient detail to characterize the dynamics of ongoing transmission by […]

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EMOD Publishes Paper in Malaria Journal

EMOD-malaria fig6

Edward Wenger and Philip Eckhoff’s recent publication in the Malaria Journal,  A Mathematical Model of the Impact of Present and Future Malaria Vaccines, studies the impact of potential malaria vaccines within the framework of the EMOD malaria model. This individual-based model couples a detailed description of the vector lifecycle with a comprehensive, mechanistic representation of […]

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EMOD Publishes Paper In Physical Review E


Recently, our Epidemiological Modeling team published a paper in the American Physical Society’s Physical Review E: statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics journal. The paper — Influence of High-order Nonlinear Fluctuations in the Multivariate Susceptible-infectious-recovered Master Equation — details our work with the susecptible-infectious-recovered epidemiological model, which is the canonical model for the propagation of […]

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EMOD Publishes Paper on Malaria


The epidemiological team (EMOD) at IV Lab has had a banner of a few weeks.  They are putting the final touches on their malaria modeling software and Philip Eckhoff, Principal Investigator, recently had a new paper published in the peer-reviewed open access journal PLOS One.  The paper - P. falciparum Infection Durations and Infectiousness Are Shaped by […]

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Sharing the Load

Checkerboard balancing

It’s one thing to have a powerful supercomputer cluster, it’s quite another thing to use it at its full potential. For anyone who has ever chopped wood, you know that slight changes in one’s stance or grip can dramatically increase the amount force the axe can delivered. Similarly, when dealing with a multi-core computer.

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Water Boil Contest

Every Thursday evening after hours, the Lab grabs some cold beverages and hangs out together in our own little nerd-vana. Several weeks ago, this took the form of a contest to see who could bring a cup of water to a rolling boil the fastest. It was little surprise that extreme measures were taken to […]

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We’ve been seeing more and more visitors from the media around here. The most recent journalist to peruse the lab was Newsweek’s Dan Lyons, who was looking for the lowdown on our malaria work. Although the Photonic Fence, a.k.a. the mosquito laser system, has gotten most of the press lately due to Nathan Myhrvold’s TED […]

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Philip Eckhoff recognized by Hertz Foundation

On January 14, 2010, Philip Eckhoff was honored by the Hertz Foundation. He was nominated for contributions in the field of disease eradication modeling, which he worked on in his spare time while completing his doctorate at Princeton. The prize is not regularly awarded, but offered only in the midst of noteworthy accomplishment related to […]

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