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A Brief History of Mosquito Dosing

Several years ago we had a thought. The discussion that followed looked more or less like this: If mosquito populations can be effectively controlled, then we could make a huge impact in the fight against malaria. Okay, so why not just shoot the mosquitoes out of the sky? That’s absolutely preposterous…let’s do it! It wasn’t […]

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Getting Ready for TED

You can image that preparing a TED talk is no small task. However, a demonstration as ambitious and technical as shooting mosquitoes with lasers proved to be quite a feat. Between enhancing and cleaning up the software, assembling and mounting all the components, and just making sure everything looked nice and polished, we had a […]

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How the Photonic Fence Works

Last week, Nathan Myhrvold, founder and CEO of Intellectual Ventures presented several of IV’s “malaria projects” to the audience at TED 2010. The Photonic Fence is one piece in a suite of inventions we are working on to help track, understand, detect, treat and eradicate malaria. It has captured a lot of attention and we […]

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High Speed Videography of Mosquitoes

These high speed photographic images of mosquitoes were captured by Intellectual Ventures Laboratory scientists using a Vision Research Phantom V12.1, shooting at up to 6,000 frames per second. [read more about IV's malaria research] Understanding Mosquito Flight: Intellectual Ventures researchers study flight dynamics of mosquitoes to look for novel ways to attack them. This video […]

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Malaria Projects FAQ

Why We Work on Solutions for the Prevention, Detection and Eradication of Malaria Why are you inventing in this area? Humanity faces significant global health challenges that have been difficult to solve through traditional methods. Our hope is that through inventive thinking, we can find new ways to tackle some of these issues. With regard […]

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Shooting Mosquitoes with Frickin’ Lasers

The Wall Street Journal just did a front page article about what we call the “photonic fence.” It is a system that finds mosquitoes flying around, identifies them by wingbeat frequency, and then shoots them out of the sky with a laser. The idea decends from Reagan era “Star Wars” which basically tried to do […]

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Photonic Fence Concept

This illustration shows one way our “photonic fence” mosquito laser system could be used to set up a perimeter defense, protecting a single building. The red “fence” shows a border that mosquitoes can’t pass through, but it is safe for everything else. There is no top coverage because mosquitoes don’t fly very high.

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