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Kludge Engineering

We completed a quick proof of concept: The photonic fence project has been using an expensive lens and large area photodiode in order to detect wing beat frequency. We knew on paper that this could be replaced cheaply, however, it seemed worth while to do some quick validation. I ordered some $3 fresnel lenses from […]

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Dancing Asian Citrus Psyllids

Intellectual Ventures Laboratory has conducted baseline tests of Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP) on site at the USDA-ARS facility in Weslaco, TX. The goal of these tests was to validate the optical tracking, wing beat detection, and photonic exposure efficacy of Intellectual Venture’s Photonic Fence Technologies (PFT). Our initial work shows that it may be possible […]

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Cool It

On September 12, filmmaker Ondi Timoner’s documentary Cool It premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. In the movie, Ondi’s camera follows Bjørn Lomborg, author of the controversial and best-selling book The Skeptical Environmentalist, as he researches global warming for his new book, Cool It. I had the pleasure of attending the premiere while visiting Toronto. […]

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Happy Halloween from the Lab

We decided to play around with our phantom V12 highspeed camera while testing subfreezing ballistic carving methodologies. This poor pumpkin was dropped from a 20′ person lift, after being soaked in liquid NO2 for half an hour.. one very chilly pumpkin. As the video shows, not just the skin of the pumpkin was frozen. The […]

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Quarter Shrinker

The Quarter Shrinker was constructed by Rob Flickenger at Hackerbot Labs. Quarter Shrinking has three steps. 1. make a coil of wire, 2. stick quarter inside it, 3. discharge an enormous amount of electric current through the coil. But what does that actually do, other than making a big boom? … (click for more)

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