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Metamaterials Commercialization Center Launches New Website


The Metamaterials Commercialization Center (MCC) is a team of dedicated engineers, physicists, and scientists involved in research and development of metamaterials related technology, including idea-generation, application-scoping, proof-of-concept demonstrations, technical-risk-reduction projects, and applied research programs. MCC is part of the research and development efforts housed at the Intellectual Ventures Laboratory, and work closely with the business […]

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2014 ViE Awards

Passive Vaccine Storage Device

As part of IV’s Global Good program, the Passive Vaccine Storage Device won two ViE awards at the 2014 World Vaccine Congress, held in Washington D.C. earlier this week. Best Technological Development Finalists Winner: Gates Foundation and Intellectual Ventures (Global Good cold chain technology) Highly Recommended: Vaxess Technologies (Novel silk protein-based vaccine stabilization technology) Best […]

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Bill Gates: The Rolling Stone Interview


Rolling Stone published an interview with Bill Gates on March 13th on their website (appearing in the March 27th Rolling Stone print edition).  The interview touches on a variety of subjects from health care reform to climate change, the role of innovation and politics in progress, and predicting the age of a desktop in nearly every home. […]

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IDM’s Philip Eckhoff on KUOW


Philip Eckhoff, Principle Investigator of Intellectual Ventures’ Institute for Disease Modeling, recently spoke with KUOW’s Ross Reynolds about using computer models to fight infectious diseases. Learn more about Philip’s personal experience with malaria, and how his team of researchers, software developers, and scientists is working to eradicate diseases across the world on KUOW’s The Record.

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Institute for Disease Modeling Releases v1.6 Software


The Institute for Disease Modeling recently released v1.6 of their EMOD software.  EMOD v1.6 introduces a new feature for modeling disease transmission for a given population called Heterogeneous Intra-Node Transmission or HINT. While the software has always provided the capability to model large-scale spatial heterogeneities, disease transmission within each node was homogeneously governed by a […]

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Metamaterials Commercialization Center Publishes Paper in IEEExplore


In July 2013, IV’s Metamaterials Commercialization Center (MCC) presented their research at the 2013 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation and USNC-URSI National Radio Science Meeting in Orlando Florida. The IEEE organized conference is the largest in the field of Antennas and Propagation in the world. The 2013 symposium brought together leading researchers and […]

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Passive Vaccine Storage Device in Wired Magazine

Passive Vaccine Storage Device

Wired recently published an article called 7 Brilliant Designs That Save Lives.  As part of Intellectual Ventures’ Global Good program, our team at Intellectual Ventures Laboratory  helped develop two of the designs included in the article, the Passive Vaccine Storage Device and Mazzi Milk Jug.  The article talks about design as a crucial tool in helping […]

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Geoff Deane Presents at SURF


Start Up Really FAST (SURF) Incubator, Seattle’s community-supported place for entrepreneurs, regularly holds events in support of local start ups. As SURF’s newest sponsor, IV has partnered with SURF to support and engage Seattle’s start up community.  Geoff Deane, GM/VP of IV Lab, recently presented at a SURF Happy Hour in downtown Seattle. As an […]

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Instrument Shop Photosynth


Evan Kline, IV Lab intern and FIRST Robotics #2412 team member, created this photosynth of IV Lab’s Instrument Shop. Click on the different shop tools to the right and watch it zoom in.

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Myhrvold: Global Warming will be both Faster and Slower than Expected


A new study of climate change by researchers at the Carnegie Institution for Science and Intellectual Ventures offers a new prediction of how quickly increases in greenhouse-gas concentrations will heat up the Earth. The study, published Monday by Environmental Research Letters, predicts that a big increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) levels today will have a […]

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