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Milk Container in Heifer International’s World Ark Magazine

Image: Heifer International.

Heifer International’s World Ark Magazine article, Building a Better Milk Can, highlights our Milk and Transportation System, which was developed for IV’s Global Good Program for use in rural areas of the developing world. Our goal was to invent a system that helps rural dairy farmers maximize the quantity and quality of milk they’re able […]

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Institute for Disease Modeling Releases v1.6 Software


The Institute for Disease Modeling recently released v1.6 of their EMOD software.  EMOD v1.6 introduces a new feature for modeling disease transmission for a given population called Heterogeneous Intra-Node Transmission or HINT. While the software has always provided the capability to model large-scale spatial heterogeneities, disease transmission within each node was homogeneously governed by a […]

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Institute for Disease Modeling


We are pleased to announce that the Epidemiological Modeling (EMOD) group at Intellectual Ventures Laboratory has been renamed the Institute for Disease Modeling. Over the last six years, the EMOD group has grown from a small Lab project with a handful of researchers to a growing team, now numbering over three dozen researchers and software […]

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Example of Angular Coefficient Method for Vacuum System Design


One aspect of modeling the inner workings of the Passive Vaccine Storage Device (PVSD) being undertaken by the Lab’s Thermo-Fluidics group involves measuring the “gettering” rate of a specialized mixture of chemicals. A getter, when placed inside the PVSD, acts as a chemical pump that reduces the vacuum space pressure, thereby improving its insulative ability. To […]

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A Story of Invention: the Passive Vaccine Storage Device


During the infancy of IV Lab, we were asked to investigate a challenging problem of great importance—to develop a method to radically change the ability of medical personnel in developing nations to deliver functional vaccines to children in rural areas. Diseases like polio have been eradicated in many countries through vaccination; however, they are still […]

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From TED to China: Invention is a Journey

P6 Prototype and Vaccine Stacks

It’s often said that necessity is the mother of invention, so it makes sense then that great inventions are often born from challenging problems of significant importance. In 2008, Bill Gates came to us with exactly such a problem. Despite breakthroughs in vaccine funding, research and manufacturing, these life-saving tools simply weren’t getting to enough […]

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EMOD V1.5 Software Release


The EMOD program launched its second release of their malaria modeling software last week, just before convening its first annual EMOD Modeling Malaria Symposium. The first version of their software launched in September 2012 and focused on modeling the spread of malaria and the potential impacts of health policies and intervention strategies. The EMOD v1.5 […]

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EMOD Software Release


The goal of Epidemiological Modeling (EMOD) program at Intellectual Ventures Lab is to determine the combination of health policies and intervention strategies that can lead to disease eradication. The EMOD team creates disease modeling and data analysis tools to help researchers and policy makers understand diseases, their causes, the way they spread, and the path […]

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Simulation-Based Engineering Fosters Innovation and Invention


Cathleen Lambertson from the multiphysics modeling and simulation software company, COMSOL Inc., recently highlighted  IV Lab’s use of simulation-based engineering for prototypes in COMSOL News, which was also published in R&D magazine. Ozgur E. Yildirim, PhD, our Thermo Fluidics Manager, was interviewed for the articles regarding the Lab’s extensive use of COMSOL’s multiphysics software for […]

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EMOD Publishes Paper on Malaria


The epidemiological team (EMOD) at IV Lab has had a banner of a few weeks.  They are putting the final touches on their malaria modeling software and Philip Eckhoff, Principal Investigator, recently had a new paper published in the peer-reviewed open access journal PLOS One.  The paper - P. falciparum Infection Durations and Infectiousness Are Shaped by […]

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