Mosquito Rearing

Inside our insectary we raise species from both the Aedes and Anopheles mosquito genera, and use these mosquitoes in a variety of ways ranging from understanding how they reproduce and carry malaria to what it takes to kill them with a laser.

Our 200 sq ft insectary is currently divided into two main spaces: an adult room and an ante-room with separate environmental controls for temperature, humidity, and light.  The ante-room is kept at ambient temperature and humidity, which allows us to utilize the ante-room as a 24/7 workspace and helps prevent cross-contamination.  Inside the ante-room are separate smaller environmental chambers where we keep the different mosquito species apart during egg, larvae, and pupae stages.  The adult room houses our adult mosquito populations of both Aedes and Anopheles in separate cages.  We produce approximately 2,500 Anopheles stephensi and 1,000 Aedes aegypti per week.

The insectary’s humidity and temperature system allows us to closely monitor the consistency of the climate inside the different environmental rooms, which helps stabilize our mosquito rearing capabilities.  The graph below shows the average temperatures within the insectary.  The blue line represents the adult room, and the green line represents the ante-room, both revealing a consistent environment.

Learn more about our insectary and mosquitoes on our blog here and here.

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