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Story Carding Your Way to TED

TED2010 has long past. The presentation went off without a hitch, and that can be attributed to oodles of preparation. A dozen people were tapped to ready the Photonic Fence for its first public demo. There was a ton to do: finalizing the software with a handsome interface, constructing custom casing and mounts for the […]

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Blue Swirl

Just a quick 2 AM camera test before heading to the last Gadgetoff. Take a beaker of water, a stir plate and one drop of blue dye, then slow it down…way down. Free vortexes, like what we created here, swirl more strongly at the center with decreasing velocities as you move outward. These differences in […]

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Kludge Engineering

We completed a quick proof of concept: The photonic fence project has been using an expensive lens and large area photodiode in order to detect wing beat frequency. We knew on paper that this could be replaced cheaply, however, it seemed worth while to do some quick validation. I ordered some $3 fresnel lenses from […]

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Diabolo at the Sea of Galilee

When brainstorming the future of the internet, you need diverse and abundant sources of inspiration: drum circles, wacky homemade vehicles, Guitar Hero robots, stuntmen diving head first out of trees, you get the picture. Two weeks ago 3ric and Pablos attended Kinnernet, an unconference at the Sea of Galilee, Israel. With them was their trusty […]

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Takeoff Sequence

3ric & I went to the Hackers conference last fall. Some of these guys built the computers and wrote the books that we used to learn programming when we were kids. When we showed up 3ric announced that he had brought a high speed video camera, and some random dude replied that he had a […]

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Water Boil Contest

Every Thursday evening after hours, the Lab grabs some cold beverages and hangs out together in our own little nerd-vana. Several weeks ago, this took the form of a contest to see who could bring a cup of water to a rolling boil the fastest. It was little surprise that extreme measures were taken to […]

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Make’s ‘Mosquito Blaster’ Article

If you still haven’t flipped through the latest issue of Make Magazine, well here it is. Not the whole thing, just 3ric Johanson’s critically (do I qualify as a critic?) acclaimed article on the Photonic Fence. Creating a machine that shoots mosquitoes out of the sky with lasers has been no small task. 3ric gives […]

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Make Release Party

Last weekend we held a smallish release party for Make Magazine Issue 23 at Ada’s Technical Books in Seattle. The cover features none other than the Photonic Fence project, and contains a lovely write up by 3ric Johanson with support from many folks here at the lab & Make Magazine. Copies of the issue were […]

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High-speed Firecracker in Water

We hope you had a great 4th of July weekend! What better way to celebrate than with fireworks and a high-speed camera. Watch closely in the beginning of the video. You can see smoke from the firecracker rising to create gray bubbles on the water’s surface. Later, during the explosion, notice the little streamers of […]

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The TED Talk

For those of us who were unable to attend the TED conference back in February (my couch cushions just couldn’t quite turn up the $6,000 price of admission), we are in luck! Today, Nathan Myhrvold’s talk was released for the world to see. Check out our founder highlighting several of our malaria projects, along with […]

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