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Bill Gates: The Rolling Stone Interview


Rolling Stone published an interview with Bill Gates on March 13th on their website (appearing in the March 27th Rolling Stone print edition).  The interview touches on a variety of subjects from health care reform to climate change, the role of innovation and politics in progress, and predicting the age of a desktop in nearly every home. […]

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Story Carding Your Way to TED

TED2010 has long past. The presentation went off without a hitch, and that can be attributed to oodles of preparation. A dozen people were tapped to ready the Photonic Fence for its first public demo. There was a ton to do: finalizing the software with a handsome interface, constructing custom casing and mounts for the […]

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Philip Eckhoff recognized by Hertz Foundation

On January 14, 2010, Philip Eckhoff was honored by the Hertz Foundation. He was nominated for contributions in the field of disease eradication modeling, which he worked on in his spare time while completing his doctorate at Princeton. The prize is not regularly awarded, but offered only in the midst of noteworthy accomplishment related to […]

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Bill Gates on Nuclear Energy

Today Bill Gates talked about our nuclear reactor project, TerraPower, at TED 2010. As an investor in several promising energy projects, Gates said it is our responsibility to pursue technologies that achieve cheap energy with “zero carbon” emissions. TerraPower determined a new type of traveling-wave reactor would be the best approach to meeting the world’s […]

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