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A Story of Invention: the Laser

Diagram of a ruby laser from LLNL document "Laser Programs, the first 25 years"

It is often challenging to link a technology or discovery to a single individual or instant in time, and the technology behind the laser is just one example. The laser was the result of not one individual’s efforts, but the combination of many leading optics and photonics scientists and engineers over the course of history. […]

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A Brief History of Mosquito Dosing

Several years ago we had a thought. The discussion that followed looked more or less like this: If mosquito populations can be effectively controlled, then we could make a huge impact in the fight against malaria. Okay, so why not just shoot the mosquitoes out of the sky? That’s absolutely preposterous…let’s do it! It wasn’t […]

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Phantom High-Speed Video of Water Droplets

This high-speed video, taken by Nathan Pegram with our Phantom V12.1 video camera, shows the motion of tiny water droplets illuminated by a green laser. By looking at consecutive stills, one can draw vector fields for the motion of each droplet. (Check out the latest Mosquito Videography Status Update for an image of one vector […]

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