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PIV of Splashing Droplets

Particle image velocimetry (PIV) is a process of suspending tiny tracer particles in the air and illuminating them with a laser sheet plane. The process is used to visualize and measure the movement of fluids. In this case the fluid is air, which is being displaced and agitated by water. Notice the airflow in the […]

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The TED Talk

For those of us who were unable to attend the TED conference back in February (my couch cushions just couldn’t quite turn up the $6,000 price of admission), we are in luck! Today, Nathan Myhrvold’s talk was released for the world to see. Check out our founder highlighting several of our malaria projects, along with […]

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High Speed Videography of Mosquitoes

These high speed photographic images of mosquitoes were captured by Intellectual Ventures Laboratory scientists using a Vision Research Phantom V12.1, shooting at up to 6,000 frames per second. [read more about IV's malaria research] Understanding Mosquito Flight: Intellectual Ventures researchers study flight dynamics of mosquitoes to look for novel ways to attack them. This video […]

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Phantom High-Speed Video of Water Droplets

This high-speed video, taken by Nathan Pegram with our Phantom V12.1 video camera, shows the motion of tiny water droplets illuminated by a green laser. By looking at consecutive stills, one can draw vector fields for the motion of each droplet. (Check out the latest Mosquito Videography Status Update for an image of one vector […]

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