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Pablos Co-hosting Session at SXSW


Pablos and Glenn Zorpette from IEEE Spectrum will be co-hosting a session titled Future Foods: New Cuisine for a New Age on March 11 at South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Interactive. SXSW conferences and festivals offer the unique convergence of original music, independent films, and emerging technologies. As part of the IEEE Technology for Humanity Series, […]

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Seattle Interactive Conference Shingerview: Pablos Holman


Pablos Holman was recently interviewed by David Shing, AOL’s Digital Prophet, for the Huffington Post. Check out the article here and watch the interview below.

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Pablos at Zeitgeist Americas 2013


In September, Pablos Holman participated in the Zeitgeist Americas conference, hosted by Google. Watch the video for his perspective on how the mindset of a hacker might just be the key to inventing our way out of the world’s biggest problems.

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Chef in a Box


Chef in a Box — in the kitchen of the future, a food compositor could fabricate haute cuisine from scratch. Nathan Myhrvold and Pablos Holman coauthored an article recently published in IEEE Spectrum touching on future culinary innovations and the “food compositor.”  They predict an eventual revolutionary shift in the way food is prepared; meals […]

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Pablos at the 2013 London Web Summit: Thought Leaders Series


Pablos did a short interview with 90 Seconds TV at the London Web Summit about how we are supporting and funding inventors.  This might be the fastest way ever to understand what Intellectual Ventures is all about.  

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Chatting about Future Tech

Word on the canal is that over the next few days Pablos will be speaking at the web conference TNW2011 in Amsterdam, immediately followed by the media conference SIME in Vienna. Boris from TNW had a brief pre-show chat (yes, on instant messenger) with Pablos, who shared a snapshot of his vision of the future. […]

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Diabolo at the Sea of Galilee

When brainstorming the future of the internet, you need diverse and abundant sources of inspiration: drum circles, wacky homemade vehicles, Guitar Hero robots, stuntmen diving head first out of trees, you get the picture. Two weeks ago 3ric and Pablos attended Kinnernet, an unconference at the Sea of Galilee, Israel. With them was their trusty […]

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Freakonomics Radio: Waiter, There’s a Physicist In My Soup

Nathan Myhrvold and I are on Freakonomics Radio. Alice Waters with her dreamy voice and romantic view of food versus Nathan’s “then you dunk it in liquid nitrogen” is a hilarious juxtaposition. Nathan of course is talking about the science of cooking and our Modernist Cuisine cookbook which ships next month. Part 2 is the […]

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Takeoff Sequence

3ric & I went to the Hackers conference last fall. Some of these guys built the computers and wrote the books that we used to learn programming when we were kids. When we showed up 3ric announced that he had brought a high speed video camera, and some random dude replied that he had a […]

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The TED Talk

For those of us who were unable to attend the TED conference back in February (my couch cushions just couldn’t quite turn up the $6,000 price of admission), we are in luck! Today, Nathan Myhrvold’s talk was released for the world to see. Check out our founder highlighting several of our malaria projects, along with […]

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