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StratoShield FAQ

You can learn even more about the StratoShield and the science behind it on our video, Climate Science page, Our Answers about Geoengineering and the StratoShield White Paper. What is the StratoShield? The StratoShield is one possible way to respond to a climate emergency in which greenhouse warming becomes intolerable. The StratoShield would reverse greenhouse warming by slightly reduc¬ing the amount […]

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Our Answers about Geoengineering

Because these are controversial areas of exploration, we are often misunderstood. We hope these clear statements will help us steer towards more scientific discussion. 1. What is geoengineering? “Geoengineering” describes how the earth’s systems can be influenced by engineering solutions. There are many historic examples of how humans have used technology to change geological systems. […]

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Introducing the StratoShield

We’ve been working on some ideas related to climate change, as a kind of backup plan in case human effort to curb emissions don’t succeed fast enough to prevent devastating ecological damage. One of the ideas that has captured our imagination is replicating the way volcanoes have at times brought down the temperature of the […]

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We’re in Superfreakonomics

“When you read the actual scientists’ reasoning for how [geoengineering] could work, and might need to work, it’s really hard not to come to the conclusion that it’s idiotic to discount it. Not to say it’s a slam dunk to do it, but idiotic to discount it entirely.” A great quote from Stephen Dubner in […]

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